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A Church for All People

Lenten Offering

2017 Lenten Offering

As in years past, the Mission Interpretation Committee will offer a second mile giving opportunity to the congregation during Lent in addition to the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering.  This year we are asking you to bring in items to be donated to the Center for New Americans, a refugee resettlement program in Syracuse.  Even though the future of the refugee program in unknown, the Center provides help to newcomers for up to 5 years after their arrival.  The items that we will be collecting can always be used.  We will be collecting items for personal care and cleaning supplies.  We will have a table in the front of the sanctuary where you can leave your donations and you can bring whatever you want whenever you want.  In other words, we are not asking you to bring certain items on certain days. 

Personal Care Items                                            Cleaning Supplies

Toothbrushes                                                        mop and bucket

Toothpaste                                                            broom and dustpan

Shampoo                                                                pack of sponges

Conditioner                                                            bottle of all-purpose cleaner spray

Deodorant (both men’s & women’s)                toilet brush

Bars of soap                                                           dish soap

Razors                                                                     laundry detergent

Shaving cream                                                       light bulbs

Feminine hygiene pads                                        paper towels

Rolls of toilet paper                                              tissues


This is an opportunity to directly help people who are in a strange, new country and need to know that we are glad they are here.  Jesus said, “when you do this to the least of them, you do it to me.”  Thanks for your continuing generosity and compassionate.