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A Church for All People

Covered Dish Dinner Sunday March 26



An important aspect of church is being a part of the church family. Family members care about and for each other. They enjoy talking to each other. They accept the friends and relatives of people that are already family members, including newbies. Our church is a strong family, and we are a welcoming congregation. Join us for our  covered dish meals after church on March 26th.

All are invited and we would hope to have a variety of dishes. We will be able to turn on ovens to keep dishes warm if necessary. We have plugs for crock pots if that is what you want to bring.  There are refrigerators for cold dishes. We always like breads and desserts. Please bring your own table service, but we will be able to supply plates and silverware for guests or for those who forget. The important thing is to participate.

Because we are wanting everybody to know each other we wish for people to wear their name tags to the meal. After the meal, there will be a basket in which to place them. We will also have temporary name tags for our guests. Coffee, using our church mugs, and other beverages will be available.

Please put this event on your calendar, as well as the next one scheduled on April 23rd. We look forward to our family breaking bread together, and sharing conversations.