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Our Restored Stained-Glass Window Has Been Reinstalled

About 15 years ago, we began a restoration project to preserve our stained-glass windows’ structural integrity. A comprehensive examination of all of the windows, believed to have been installed in the 1870’s, was completed by Jerome R. Durr Stained Glass Studios. We had previously restored both windows at the front of the sanctuary, repaired one of the windows on the east side, and rebuilt the Rose windows in the balcony.

In August, the west window in the Narthex was removed for restoration.

Beginning of the leading process


It was completely disassembled, cracked glass was repaired, and the window was re-assembled. It has now been reinstalled.


reinstalling the window


Thanks to generous contributions to the Stained-Glass Window fund, all necessary restoration work for our windows has now completed, with a small balance remaining in the fund to be used for monitoring inspections in future years.


bottom half

top half