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MUZIKI- our Love Month mission

When February rolls around each year, our Christian Education program looks for opportunities to involve the kids in a service project. Sometimes these projects are local, such as working with the SPCA, Dogs4Vets, or Light a Candle for Literacy. Sometimes we expand our reach into global initiatives, previously working with Heifer International and Children of the Father’s House orphanage in Uganda, for example. We always seek to identify a program that is in need and whose mission speaks to what the kids value and the differences that the children of MFPC want to make in the community and world. This year, when we batted around ideas for different organizations that we could support, the idea of searching for a program that was somehow connected to children and music was floated out for consideration. After all, almost every one of our young people in church is involved in music in one way or another, and has experienced its benefits.
It was not even a week later that Charlie Smith happened to send along some information to me from Karen Winters, who was a very active member of our congregation until just a few years ago when she moved, about a program called MUZIKI in Kenya. It was one of those times when I could not help but think that divine intervention was at play!
M.U.Z.I.K.I. is an acronym for Music Unleashing Zeal In Kenyan Individuals. MUZIKI aspires to bring quality music education and performance opportunities to people in Kenya by means of providing musical instruments, music equipment, printed music and periodically, music teaching personnel. Their goal is to help establish, develop and maintain an on-going music program. MUZIKI is a program FOR Kenyans, and run BY Kenyans, through a growing relationship with music colleagues in the United States. MUZIKI involves people from the USA, in particular, from Central New York, in donating new and used and playable musical instruments, music stands, and printed music to equip the program in Kenya.
MUZIKI works with children in the One Heart Children’s Home, an orphanage located in Turbo, Kenya. There, MUZIKI provides instruments and musical instruction to children who have lost everything, in an effort to help them reconnect to joy and learn skills that will help them secure employment and broaden their horizons as they get older and seek independence and work. The founders of MUZIKI believe that it is not enough to simply clothe, feed and house these orphans. It is imperative that they be given the opportunity to heal, learn and explore through music.
During the month of February, our youth will be participating in a couple of different activities related to this mission project. We will be reaching out to local educators and music instructors (and the congregation!) to see if we can obtain used music supplies for this program. We will also be undertaking a fundraising initiative to raise money that can be used by the MUZIKI organizers to enhance and expand their program. This fundraising will involve two efforts. First, you will notice in the pews of the sanctuary over the next month colored envelopes marked “MUZIKI” on the front. These envelopes are there for your convenience so that you can give your donations or offerings directly to this initiative during the month of February. Just place your donation in the envelope and put the envelope in the offering plate as it passes by each week. The counters will make sure to set aside these donations for this Love Month mission. Secondly, the kids will be hosting a craft/bake sale in Shinaman Hall that is tentatively scheduled for March 4th after service. The kids will be baking a variety of edible treats and making various craft treasures available for your purchase. All proceeds will go to MUZIKI. Oliver even has some ideas for pay-to-play carnival games, so there should be something for everyone! Please plan to stay for a few extra minutes after church on the 4th to support this effort.
We all have been touched by music in our lives and can appreciate the many benefits that it brings. We look forward to bringing that joy and those benefits to children on the other side of the world!


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