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A Church for All People

Opportunity for Extra Lenten Giving

This year during Lent, in addition to our annual One Great Hour of Sharing Offering, we will have an opportunity to give guests at the Samaritan Center some supplies that they need. Listed below are items that can be brought to church at any time during the Lenten Season. There will be a box in the Gathering Space where you can place your items. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, March 6.

Guest Needs:

Gloves                       Reusable Water Bottles      

Hats                           Deodorant                                   

Scarves                     Toothpaste                                    

Socks                         Shampoo                    

Sneakers                   Chap Stick                        

Sweatshirts              Toilet Paper                     

Umbrellas                 Tissues   

Shaving Cream        Hand Wipes                                     

Coffee Pots              Soap/Body Wash

Can Openers            Pots and Pans

Serving Utensils

Guests can’t use food stamps to buy these items, yet they are necessary. As always, thank you for your continued generosity. We do make a difference.