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Meet our new Christian Education Coordinator ~ Mr. Jordan Loewen

Meet our new Christian Education Coordinator ~ Mr. Jordan Loewen

Jordan is a Lecturer and Teaching Assistant while working on a PhD at Syracuse University. His project involves Philosophy and Religion and concentrates on Critical Theory, Virtual Reality, and Religious Experience; he has completed classes and is working on his dissertation with hopes of graduating next May.  

A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Jordan worked as the Adult Education intern at Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church and as a Chaplain intern at Trent Psychiatric Hospital.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts in English & Film Studies at Ohio State University; while there he also served as Associate Staff and Group Leader for Coalition for Christian Outreach and Pastoral Intern at Jacob’s Porch Lutheran Campus Ministry.

Jordan is married to Amber and first-time father; River was born last June.  He was raised in the Mennonite church and brings a passion for encouraging servant faith through social justice.  Some of Jordan’s hobbies include board games, movies, video games, sports (Ohio sports fan & a Buckeye through & through), cooking & canoeing.  He has traveled quite a bit including a safari with his mom through six African countries in 2017, backpacking through Europe and living in Scotland for a year in 2008.  Have formally studied film, his favorite movies are:  It’s a Wonderful Life, Star Wars, Star Trek, Citizen Kane, anything by Akira Kurosawa & Steven Spielberg.  Jordan also enjoys reading anything by C.S. Lewis, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman – he loves hard sci-fi and anything having to do with philosophy or new media. Rev. Anne Marie reached out to Jordan to encourage him to apply to this position.  He attended a few worship services in June & July to check out our congregation.  He is looking forward to getting to know us better and is excited to work with the youth doing Christian education.  Please give Jordan, Amber & baby River a warm Marcellus welcome on our Kick-Off Sunday, September 8th.  You may contact Jordan by email:

Welcome Jordan, Amber & River!