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A Church for All People

Living Generously

by Sue March
Chair of Stewardship & Finance Committee

The stated mission of The First Presbyterian Church of Marcellus has several goals, but here I am quoting only a portion of the mission:

Indeed, God has called our church together to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We are to worship and glorify God with enthusiasm and in a way that leads us to respond to Gods love with mission and service in our community and in the larger world. We are to spread the good news, reaching out and inviting others to be part of our church family. Christ calls us to use our gifts and talents and to study and grow in our faith so that we can serve one another and our neighbors as we work for peace and justice. We must demonstrate Gods love by loving, serving and forgiving others despite the risks.

I also share an excerpt from a piece written by Rev. Amantha Barbee who serves as Senior Pastor of Oakhurst Presbyterian Church in Decatur, Georgia:

Luke 17:6 tells us to have faith. But, we all know that faith without action is guaranteed death. As we embark upon our season of Stewardship, how will we walk in & by this faith with faithful servitude, trust, & expectancy?
A mustard seed is tiny but if everyone brings a seed & drops it on the table, soon there will be enough for a pot of soup. That’s where we are today. Stewardship calls us to have faith in God, not ourselves, but God.

As chair of the Finance Committee, I share with you that we are not currently financially supporting our planned goals, though we DO continue to support others and continue mission work and stewardship in other ways. We have worked at reducing costs in many areas, and used funds from long term assets to support emergency repairs. With this, and the visions of each committee in mind, we are currently developing the budget for 2020. You will be receiving a narrative budget in the mail that demonstrates how intertwined the finances are, and how the funds we give to support the church and mission are used. Included in the mailing will be the 2020 Pledge Commitment Card. Please give serious thought to Living Generously, sharing blessings, having faith and acting on it, and supporting our church in supporting God’s Mission. Cards will be collected during the November 3rd, service. If you will not be available for service, please mail them directly to the office. Our faith and actions will help us continue to fulfill our and God’s mission, and further strengthen our faith community.

I am reminding myself to live more generously, and to explore ways to develop deeper faith with more action. I think that is what is being asked of all of us, as we share the blessings we have received so that we may continue to help our church support God’s mission, and so we may enjoy the peace and personal fulfillment of Living Generously.