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Our church family is strong, and we continue to support each other. Please remember we are the church, and remember we need to continue paying our bills even though the church is not having services for now. To help us all keep strong in our faith, we will be sending out information about where you can live stream services. We will also be sending out the Sunday sermons that Re. Hayes, or Pastor Supply person, has prepared for us through Easter.

An important point we are all aware of, but as chair of finance, I need to remind you about-our expenses continue. We have staff working, utilities, insurance, monthly bills, and so on. Please be sure to send in your pledges.  Pledges may be mailed directly to the church at PO Box 147, Marcellus, NY 13108, or you may wish to set up a payment system through your bank, outlined in Jan Caster’s article below.

                                                      My Check Is in the Mail, Really!

By Jan Caster, Finance and Stewardship Committee

A few years ago, I simplified my life by setting up my checking bank account to send a check every two weeks to our church. Previously (and to my dismay!), when the quarterly statements arrived in my mailbox, I found that I had missed a few Sundays to put my check in the offering plate. My absence on a particular Sunday may have been due to vacation, having visitors, being sick, etc.

I decided to set up my bank account to mail my check directly to the church on a regular basis. It’s so easy! Now I know that the church can depend on me to make my regular contribution on time and consistently. When those quarterly statements arrive, my giving is always current with what I’ve pledged.

And, if you’re a “snow bird” and will be absent a few months in the winter and you’ve set up your bank to do the “heavy lifting” in your absence, you can rest easy knowing your contribution will arrive without having to lift a pen, address an envelope, or find a stamp and a mail box.

You can set up the system yourself if you usually do your banking online. Your checking account should have a “Pay Bills” feature or something similar. You’ll need to:

1. Indicate the payee: First Presbyterian Church of Marcellus. 2. The amount you want to send. 3. How often you want it sent. 4. The address of the church: PO Box 147, 1 East Main St., Marcellus, NY 13108

Because the church’s bank account is not set up to receive electronic funds, your bank will send a paper check to the address above. Your bank should indicate how long it will take for the church to receive the check, usually a few days, from the date you want it sent.

So, make life easy on yourself and the church by setting up your contributions to be paid by your bank on a regular basis. Of course, you can always bring your checkbook (and/or cash) to church in case there is a special offering you want to make. And, if your circumstances change, you can stop the automatic payments and/or the frequency or amount of the check.

Sue March, Finance and Stewardship Committee Chair, is willing to assist church members who need help setting up the “Pay by Mail” feature in their bank account. And, you can always call or visit your bank for advice.