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Electronic Donations

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Marcellus First Presbyterian Church relies on your contributions to sustain its mission and programs.  Such giving being the primary source of our income, we are initiating a new electronic giving opportunity.  Engaging the service of a company that is working with us to offer a flexible and highly cost effective program, there are many benefits to consider in making use of this option for your giving.


By way of history, electronic giving is simply an evolution of our faith traditions of supporting the church.  Over our  history, supporting the church has moved from offering goods and services to cash donations and writing checks, and now a new method of support – electronic donations.


This method reflects the fact that many households and businesses are managing their expenses and donations through electronic transfers.  What we are offering is the flexibility and convenience of electronic giving for monthly donations, as well as an option in giving for any future initiatives.


Our Electronic Donation Program, as it is named, could be helpful to you because it provides convenience and a great deal of flexibility.  You can choose to give on a one-time  or monthly recurring basis, and use a credit card or by drafting your checking or savings account.  The terms of your giving can also be changed or canceled at any time.


As we are pleased to be offering this new option to provide ongoing support for the parish, electronic giving can provide you with a new way of directing your ongoing generosity.


If you choose to take advantage of Electronic Donations, but would still like to place an offering in the weekly basket, as your show of support, “Donation  Slips,” will be available for your use.  You may download them here to print out at home, or they will be available in the Church.

If you have any questions that are not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions, you can contact the Church Office.