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A Church for All People

Vision and Mission



A More Light Church

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we invite you to join us in creating a more loving, accepting, caring and inviting Christian community of faith.




We, the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church of Marcellus, believe that nothing can separate us from the joy, hope and fullness of life in Christ.  The love, forgiveness and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit belong to us now and always.


Indeed, God has called our church together to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.  We are to worship and glorify God with enthusiasm and in a way that leads us to respond to Gods love with mission and service in our community and in the larger world.  We are to spread the good news, reaching out and inviting others to be part of our church family.


Christ calls us to use our gifts and talents and to study and grow in our faith so that we can serve one another and our neighbors as we work for peace and justice.  We must demonstrate Gods love by loving, serving and forgiving others despite the risks.


We believe that in all we do we must act as the body of Christ, faithful to His authority.  Our faith community must be a safe, affirming, comforting, inclusive place that welcomes diversity, and is united by the understanding that God is love.