Christian Education




The Christian Education Committee is excited about a new curriculum called The Big God Project, a comprehensive tool that integrates both worship and Sunday School into a single cohesive experience.


The curriculum takes the church through the entire Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – in order to help families see the big picture.  Lessons include a game, a theme reveal video, a question sheet, a story video, and a Sunday School lesson with two activities.


The activities range from crafts and projects, games and challenges, to baking and science experiments. Each activity is designed to reinforce some aspect of the Big God Story and Theme for that week. A video called "Activity Time with Miss Erin" demonstrates the activities for the week.


A Big God journal page is available for kids to answer together in Sunday School class and to add to their own journal. The journal page includes scripture references, a summary of the story, questions for discussion, a place for writing down prayers, a picture to color, and a blessing that can be read to children at bedtime.